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Designed for adult athletes, our specially engineered ice hockey sticks offer top-notch feel and resilience in an affordable package. Ting hockey sticks compete with leading brands, engineered to provide a low kick point for a powerful shot release and precise, crisp passes.

Ting utilizes multi-layer carbon fiber construction to craft a professional-grade hockey stick that's super light at 325 grams and fine-tuned for outstanding balance.

With upgraded 24K carbon fiber integrated throughout the shaft and 18k carbon fiber in the blade, players can experience a uniform feel and dependable strength across the entire stick. Our unique 3D raised grip offers more grip on the shaft while still allowing your hand to slide down.

Ting Hockey developed this advanced hockey stick to bring pro-level performance to any athlete looking for an edge in their game.

Hear the Ting as the puck explodes off the stick and goes bar down!

Which Flex Should I Choose?

We recommend 38-48% of your weight.

A 200 pound player should be using a 75, 85 or 95 Flex

Lower flexes usually lead to quicker releases and harder/faster shots.

Higher flexes for slapshots usually used by defencemen

Does cutting the stick change the flex?

For every inch you cut or add to the shaft, the stick's flex will generally increase or decrease by about 3 flex points.

For instance, cutting 2 inches from a stick with a 75-flex rating will behave more like a stick with an 80-flex rating.


Curve Type

P92/Matthews, P29/Crosby, W03/Henrique (Old Sakic) True TC2, Sher-Wood PP26, Easton E3 Curve: Mid-Toe Face: Open Toe: Round Length: Medium Toe drags/puck control/bar downs
P88/Kane, P80/Ovechkin, W88/Gaudreau (Old Lindros) True MC, Sher-Wood PP88, Easton E36 Curve: Mid Face: Slightly Open Toe: Round Length: Medium Wrist shots/puck handling
P28/McDavid, P28/Eichel, W28/Gallagher (Old Kreps) True TC4, Sher-Wood P28, Easton E28 Curve: Toe Face: Open Toe: Round Length: Medium Toe drags/puck control/top shelf bar downs


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