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The Ting goalie hockey stick stands as your unparalleled defense ally and marks a significant leap in goalie stick innovation. It's a pivotal addition to our elite collection of hockey sticks, where cutting-edge design and exceptional craftsmanship elevate your control and assurance on the ice.

Ting 18k High end 100% Carbon fiber ensures a paddle and blade that are lighter yet more robust, providing unmatched strength to deflect the fiercest shots.

3D raised grip enhances your puck-handling skills and enables faster response times.

It's the elite equipment choice for goalkeepers seeking next-level responsiveness in their gear.

- P31 curve

- Comes in 3 paddle lengths ranging from 23"-27"

- Ting 18k Carbon Layering Technology ensures enhanced strength and longevity

- The Signature Short Shaft is optimally balanced for improved control and quick reactions

- Grip on the Shaft boosts confidence in puck handling

- Left = blocker on right hand.

23"-24" = Junior/Intermediate

25+" = Senior


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